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Parking Information and Visitor Pass Request Form

If your vehicle or someone visiting you is towed, you can contact Empire Towing at 703-444-9040.   Empire’s lot is located at: 44827 Old Ox Road, Sterling, VA 20166 and they only accept cash or money orders. Vehicles in violation are towed at the owner’s sole risk and expense, no exceptions. (Please note that signage for Empire is posted at every building entrance.)

Any vehicle found in violation of the parking guidelines can be towed, the length of time that the vehicle is parked in violation is not relevant.    Vehicles will be towed for the following violations:

  • Any commercial vehicle parked on the property from 9pm – 6am (including spaces marked “Visitor”). Commercial vehicles are defined as vehicles displaying signage or vehicles with ladders/equipment racks/plowing rigs.   UHaul, box trucks (with or without signage), or other rental box trucks are considered commercial vehicles also.


The restrictions below will be enforced between 6pm – 6am daily:

  • Any vehicle that does not display a Northgate Resident Parking Sticker or Guest Parking Pass

  • The plate number noted on the Northgate Parking Sticker must match the vehicle’s current license plate number

  • Any vehicle displaying an altered Northgate Resident Parking Sticker or displaying an altered or expired Guest Parking Pass

  • Vehicles that belong to owners or tenants that have had their parking privileges revoked (These vehicles are prohibited from using spaces marked “Visitor” also)


The restrictions below are enforceable at all times and are applicable to both resident and "visitor" parking spaces. Vehicles found in violation can be towed, regardless of the day or time:

  • Vehicles with expired tags or no tags

  • Individuals who have been issued temporary registration from the DMV pending the receipt of their decals for their plates must display the temporary registration on the dashboard to avoid towing

  • Vehicles parked in handicap spaces that do not display handicap tags or a placard

  • Vehicles parked in fire lanes or no parking zones

  • Vehicles parked on the grass or any area of the property that is not designated as a parking space

  • Vehicles taking up two or more parking spaces

  • Vehicles that are double parked/blocking other vehicles

  • Any vehicle displaying a “For Sale” sign

  • Any vehicle deemed inoperable (wrecked and unable to drive, flat tires, etc.)

  • Vehicles parked in motorcycle designated parking areas (near 1418 and 1533)


As you all are aware, parking is limited on the property; please ensure your vehicle displays a valid Northgate Resident Parking Decal (only two are issued per residence). When having guests, please make sure you request Guest Parking Passes (only two are issued per residence and are issued in three day increments). Vehicles parked in “Visitor Parking Spaces” do not require Guest Parking Passes. If you have any questions, please contact the office.

Visitor Parking Pass Request Form

Complete the form below to request a visitor's parking pass. Passes are only issued during office hours. As a reminder, resident parking passes may not be requested through this form. Additionally, we do not accept same day parking pass requests. You will need to call the office during office hours directly at 703-471-7868 for a same day visitor's pass.

Thank you for submitting.

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