April, 2011

• Northgate has been recertified for FHA financing.

Boiler Room Extension
• Waiting for proposal from Reston Painting.

• Property/liability insurance renewed.  There was a modest increase in premiums due to increased liability required for FHA recertification.

Effervescence 1423 – 1C
• Due to water leaks behind wall.  Leonel has repaired and cleaned.  He is monitoring the situation and so far no re-occurrence.

Parking Stickers
• In process as of last weekend.  Office was open Saturday & Sunday.

Commuter Parking
• Henry's installed permanent "No Commuter Parking" signs and is providing spotters from 6:00 AM to 9:30 AM, Monday - Friday from 4/4/11 - 4/15/11.

• McFall & Berry has completed spring clean-up and mulching.  Staff replanted bushes and seeded area where dig up was by the boiler room.

Filter Change
• Staff is in the process of coil cleaning and filter changes - completion date 4/14/11.
Fire Extinguishers
• Ace has completed our annual inspection.

• Kolb Electric replaced underground broken wire at 1437.

Pole Light
• Staff replaced bulb at 1544.

Boiler Room
• Capitol Boiler replaced fuse, blower motor and seven tubes in Boiler #2, and four tubes in Boiler #1.

Building Maintenance
• Staff replaced trash room fan motors in 1402, 1428, 1434, 1546, & 1554.
• Staff replaced trash room light fixtures in 1407, 1429, 1523, 1531 &1533.
• Staff replaced entrance door pivot in 1406.
• Staff replaced trash room door lock in 1427 &1530.
• Staff repaired inside handrail at 1534.
• Staff replaced storage room light switch knob at 1540.
• Staff replaced outside faucet knobs at 1546.
• Staff replaced trash room drain covers at 1415, 1419, 1430, 1431, 1434 & 1558.
• Staff repaired entrance doors stopper at 1405.
• Staff replaced new dryer vent cover behind 1425-1.

• Leonel checked it and it appears to be ok.

Dead Pine Tree
• Dead branches were removed at 1425 and dead tree removed at 1415.

Appliance Class
• Training would be for Northgate's maintenance personnel in repair of newer appliances.  Presently, once owners replace the original appliances that came with the unit, they need to contact an appliance repair company.  By having Northgate's maintenance personnel trained in the newer appliances, owners will have a choice of who to contact for repairs.

1400 Landscape
• McFall & Berry is preparing a proposal to re-landscape.

1548 – Handrail
• Will order this week.